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A fax cover sheet is an important part of sending a fax since it is sent before the actual fax document. So here we shall discuss fax cover sheet and provide you with a few sample templates of various kinds of fax cover sheet. These templates shall provide you an idea about how to design your own fax cover letter. You can use it directly too by taking a printout and editing it by filling out the required information. So here you can access different templates of fax cover sheets free of cost for business as well as personal communication. 

Free Fax Cover Sheet Template

Fax is one of the oldest techniques which is being used from the ancient time for the sharing of confidential and important documents from one place to another or even from one country to another in very less time. We can also be called fax as the telefax as it is a telephonic transmission used for transferring all type of printed content, the only need is of a connected fax machine with the printer.

Free Fax Cover Sheet

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It is the only ancient method of sharing documents which are still being used for the purpose of sharing. In 1842, the first fax machine was developed and the work of faxing is on its peak especially due to the Fax cover Template. As we can estimate that it’s been too long since the fax machine was introduced but still the craze of faxing is as it is and this method is not felt to be the useless one, as all crucial, confidential and important information is being shared with a fax machine. Today in this article we are going to share various templates of fax cover letter in the PDF and image format.

You might be thinking that after the introduction of various latest techniques of sending messages, the use of fax might be very low. But absolutely not, the averages faxes which are being sent is around 17 million each year which is quite a large amount. There are lots of situations which we face in our daily life where the requirement of faxing is needed especially when you are in need of sending a resume or CV for any job. Faxing is a very vast concept so now we are going to learn about other things like faxing, fax cover letters, online fax, and many more things.

Sample Fax Cover Sheet with Examples

Sample Fax Cover Sheet

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We have already told you that faxing is just a method of sharing your documents from one location to another and the best thing about this is that the method of faxing is entirely free of cost. After it, we are going to learn about various ways by which you will be able to send a completely free of cost fax.

As it is being an old method of sharing, a lot of modifications has undergone with this method as in the past time we were only able to send fax by the help of fax machine and now with the digital world the introduction to online faxing system has also accounted which let you send fax without any trouble just in few seconds or minutes. Faxing is one of the sharing patterns which is being used in the entire world and being used all over for the purpose of sharing personal and professional data.

Basic Fax Cover Sheet Template

Blank Fax Cover Sheet

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Fax is one of the fastest networks by which one can transfer information from different states, places and even from the countries to another one. Still, after the popular trend of online faxing most of the users are still ensuring towards sending the fax by using a fax machine. Although the method of sharing documents by using a fax machine is not free you need to pay some amount but the best part of it is your documents are entirely safe or else they can not be hacked by hackers while the online faxing is a method which can be hacked and there is a great risk that your confidential information might get leaked.

Personal Fax Cover Sheet Template

Basic Fax Cover Sheet

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If you have sent any fax then you might be aware of the fax cover sheet and if not then let us tell you. It is the document which is required to be attached at the front of all your documents as it contains all of the necessary details related to the information you are sharing. There is a need of keeping in your mind that whether you are using the traditional method for sending fax or online faxing method in both of the cases it is necessary to attach sample cover sheet. Next, the basic thing which comes in our mind is how we are going to prepare a professional cover sheet. If you are also being bothered by this question then worry not there is no need of making printable cover sheet manually.

If you do not want to make the cover sheet then the best thing is to download templates. Here, we are providing you free templates for the online cover sheet in which you can add all essential details and then add it with the documents you are going to fax.

Confidential Fax Cover Sheet Template

Editable Fax Cover Sheet

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Important facts:

So, until now we have learned that a basic cover sheet is one of the most important parts of the faxing. If you feel to make your cover sheet manually then there are a few points which you should remember, these are as follows:

  1. The main motive of fax cover letter is identified who is the sender and to whom you are sending the fax, these all details should be mentioned at the cover sheet with full name and details of the contact. It is necessary because sometimes it happens that the person to whom you are sending fax might not be available so that if you have mentioned all details there are full chances that your documents will reach to the right person. If you are a sender then also you are required to mention some of the details about yourself as it will help the recipient to easily identify the sender.
  2. In your free cover sheet, you also have to leave a corner for the details of documents in which you are going to mention the details of all the documents you are going to attach with the fax. It is one of the important section as it let the sender know whether the fax is urgent or just normal.

Basic Fax Cover Sheet Template

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Last but not least you also have to mention the date on which you are transmitting your documents along with the enclosed number of the page you are sending. As it will help the recipient to keep perfect and accurate records.

Fax Cover Page

It is a piece of additional information which you can send with your fax. It is the page which let the sender maintain the privacy of all sent documents by looking over the number of pages. It helps him in calculating whether the documents are complete or incomplete. In some of the organizations like as of government agencies, legal offices, financial institution and many more where you will require fax cover page for the privacy statements and private information.

Fax Cover Page, Free Printable Fax Cover Sheet

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Fax Cover Letter

Fax cover letter or the cover sheet both are almost similar things let us come to know what it is? Whenever you write a fax cover letter there are certain necessary things which are needed to be present over the Fax cover letter. As it is all true that cover letter is just a single sheet of plain paper on which you can add crucial information.

This will help you in maintaining the severity of documents and arranging them properly. On the fax cover letter, it is necessary to include the details of both parties including sender’s information and receiver’s information. Below we are giving you the list of information which is important to be written over the fax cover page.

Fax Cover Sheet Template, Free Fax Cover Letter

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Necessary information which should be present on Fax cover letter:

  • Date of Transmission
  • Name of Receiver
  • Name of the Sender
  • Contact Details of the Sender
  • Contact Details of the Receiver
  • Fax Number of the Sender
  • Fax Number of the Receiver
  • Number of pages enclosed within the fax

Optional information which should be present on the fax cover letter:

  • The tagline of the company of sender
  • A company logo of the sender
  • Name of the individual of a sender
  • Name of the individual of receiver
  • Email address or other contact details of the sender
  • Email address or other contact details of a receiver
  • Level of urgency or delicacy
  • Brief description of the documents enclosed
  • Subject field
  • The reply is mandatory or not

Fax Cover Sheet Template

A lot of kinds of fax cover letter are available online and you are free to choose any of them as per your desire, but if you opt for the manual writing of fax cover template then for sure it will going to take lots of your time that is why it is better to use these beautiful online free fax cover page templates which are error-free and will not let down your reputation.

Fax Cover Sheet Template, Fax Cover Sheet PDF

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Fax Cover Sheet Examples

Here we are going to provide you with several examples for the cover sheet so have a look over them.

  • Fax Template
  • Personal
  • PDF, Excel, Word
  • Blank
  • Sample
  • Basic
  • Professional
  • Generic
  • Confidential
  • Google Docs

It is all up to the requirement and your desire which type of fax cover sheet you wanted to use. The best part of it is they are completely free so you need not pay any amount.

Fax Cover Sheet Examples, Fax Cover Sheet Word

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Fax Cover Sheet in PDF, WORD & Google Docs

  1. PDF
  2. WORD
  3. Google Docs

So, these above were some of the details which you can add to your cover sheet. Apart from this if you are writing a professional cover sheet then it is needed to make it more simple while if you are sending a fax for any creative work or any invitation then, in this case, you can make it decorative.