Free Basic Fax Cover Sheet Template {PDF & Word}

A fax cover letter is a document which is used to contain the information related to the sender, recipient and the contents of the fax. So through this article, we are going to talk about the basic fax cover sheet and provide you with some templates which you can access for free.

A basic fax cover letter is generally used to send professional fax covering all the relevant details such as the sender’s and recipient’s name, contact details, etc. It can also be used by individuals for any professional correspondence with any organization or individual.

basic fax cover sheet free


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So let us go through some basic fax cover letter samples and understand a bit about it.

Basic Fax Cover Sheet Template

Basic Fax Cover SheetPDF | Word

As the name suggests, a basic fax cover sheet is a document. It contains only important details such as the details about the sender and receiver. This sheet should contain all the important details and should highlight the intensity of the document. It should instantly give an idea to the receiver about who is the sender and what to expect in the document.

Printable Basic Fax Cover Sheet

PDF | Word

An important thing to keep in mind while drafting a fax cover letter for professional purposes is that the design should keep as simple as possible and fancy fonts and borders should be avoided. Even if you want to decorate it, a simple design could be used such lines or dots on the border. The main purpose of sending a basic fax cover sheet is to grab the attention of the reader and give them an idea about your identity and the purpose of sending the fax. An effective fax cover letter helps to get a positive response from the receiver.

 Free Basic Fax Cover Letter

Format of Basic Fax Cover Sheet


Here you can find samples of basic fax cover letter. It will give you an idea about the format of the fax cover letter and what should be the contents of a professional fax cover letter. So if you have to write this document for the first time or want to write the perfect cover letter to create a good impact upon the reader.

Sample Basic Fax Cover Sheet

PDF | Word

You need to follow some standard guidelines for writing a fax cover letter.

free basic fax cover sheet


Here we have provided you with all the important details which you must cover while writing a fax cover letter:

  • Date of sending the fax
  • Name of the Company of the Sender
  • Name of the Company of The Reciever
  • Phone Number of the Sender
  • Fax Number of the Recipient
  • Fax Number of the Sender
  • Total Number of Pages in the Document

Download Fax Cover Sheet

PDF | Word

Since a basic fax cover letter is mostly used for professional communication, it should reflect the brand and personality of the company. It should preferably write in the company’s letterhead with its logo at the top. Below that, it must contain the name of the company, its address, etc. It must also contain information about the receiver such as the receiver’s name, address, fax number, etc. which must be stated clearly.

Basic Fax Cover Sheet PDF

PDF | Word

Download Fax Cover Sheet Template

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If we talk about the uses of this fax cover letter. It has wide usage in the corporate sector and can be used for transmitting various kinds of information. Some of its uses are for sending information regarding medical documents, tax, bank notices, company policies, etc.

The fax cover letter must clearly state the call-to-action, i.e., what action should the receiver take. If required, it must also state if the sender requires to revert or not. This detail can write below the document. There is a space for the sender to write down any communication which must deliver to the receiver. It must also contain a unique fax number which helps the sender and the receiver to keep a record of all the fax sent and received.


This is all the information which had to provide regarding the basic fax cover letter. We hope you found this article useful. It gave you an idea about what is a basic fax cover sheet and what must be its contents. You can also directly access the sample basic fax cover letter templates which we have provided here. For your convenience, these are provided in PDF and Word. So you just need to click on the link of the format which you require to print. After taking a printout, you can fill out all the details and send it along with the fax document to the recipient.

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