Free Fax Cover Sheet Templates in PDF and Word

Fax Cover Sheet PDF: A fax is a document used widely for a smooth and fast mode of communication between two businesses. So here you can find Fax cover sheet PDF in various formats. As you know fax is still an integral part of communication between businesses and individuals. Hence using a PDF format for the fax cover page is a convenient way of sending and printing fax since these are print-friendly.

Printable Fax Cover Sheet Template

PDF | Word

So if you need to send a fax for business or personal communication, then the PDF format is ideal. Since it can be easily printed and can be converted into doc format easily.

Free Printable Fax Cover Sheet


This format is also useful if you want to send online fax since it can be directly printed along with the rest of the document. It is the most secure form of the document since it cannot be edited. Once it has been created and can be easily viewed by the recipient even on their mobile phones.

Printable Fax Cover Sheet PDF

PDF | Word

If you are looking for other types of fax cover sheets for professional as well as personal use, you can go through the posts that we have provided here:

Fax Cover Sheet PDF Template

Fax Cover Sheet PDFPDF| Word

What is interesting about these templates is that these do not need to download in order to be printed. That means you just need to click on the PDF link below the template you require to print.

Printable Free Fax Cover Sheet


The PDF file of the template shall open in a new tab in your browser and you need to just click on the print button to start printing. After taking out the printout you can start writing the details and send them to the recipient.

Fax Cover Sheet Word Template

Fax Cover Sheet Excel

PDF| Word

If you are looking for creating a fax cover page in a professional format, then Excel is the best format. You can easily create professional-looking fax cover page in Excel format and edit it in a Spreadsheet. A professional fax cover page is nothing more than the basic fax cover page. It must keep simple and not use fancy fonts or designs. The advantage of using Excel format is that it can be editable in Word or Doc file and can be printed in A4 size sheet. You can also easily add details such as title, page numbers, etc. It is mostly used to send confidential and private documents with the word “Confidential” clearly written across the sheet.

If you are writing the fax cover page for the first time. Then you need not worry as we have provided you here with the important details which you must keep in mind while writing a fax cover letter:

  • Firstly, use the company’s letterhead to write your fax cover letter and make sure the company’s logo, name, address, etc. are at the top of the fax cover letter.
  • The important details such as the name of the sender, name of the recipient, sender’s and recipient’s fax number, address must be written in the first few lines of the fax cover page.
  • In the “To” section, write down the recipient’s name and in the “From” section, write down your name.
  • Also, don’t forget to mention the number of pages in the fax including the fax cover page.

Free Fax Cover Sheet PDF 

Fax Cover Sheet Word

PDF| Word

So you can select between Excel and Word formats to create your fax cover page. You can download both the formats and print them according to your requirements. After downloading, you can straightaway start filling the necessary details and send it along with your fax document.

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